Yankee Candle Wick Trimmers

Yankee Candle Wick Trimmers

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About This Accessory

To enjoy your candles to their fullest, a certain amount of care is required. Keeping their wicks trimmed properly will help your candles burn fully and last longer. Specifically, your candle's wick should be trimmed after every 4 hours of burn time. Let the candle come to room temperature, then trim the wick to 1/8-inch before relighting. That length helps create complete combustion, which means less soot is formed while the candle is burning. This is where our Perfect Wick Trimmer comes in - place the bottom of the trimmer flush with the candle surface, rock the trimmer back so that its "elbow" rests on the surface, this keeps the trimmer at a 45-degree angle and helps ensure the cut is to the proper length. Simple! Enjoy your candles and their fragrances, then repeat again after every 4 hours of burn time.

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  • Yankee Candle Wick Trimmer Kensington Silver
    Yankee Candle Wick Trimmer Kensington Silver

    ✓ Brand: Yankee Candle
    ✓ Product Form: Wick Trimmer
    ✓ Weight: 145g
    ✓ Dimensions: 19,0cm x 6,0cm
    ✓ Launching: April 2019
    ✓ Accessoire Collection: Kensington

    € 7,95
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