Yankee Candle Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffuser Refills Water Garden

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Yankee Candle Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffuser Refills Water Garden

White Flowers in full bloom add a sweet perfume to the soothing sounds of cool, flowing water in your backyard oasis.

Fragrance information

  • Top Note: Pink Lily, Wild Grass, Curumber Water
    • The first impression. Fast to fade but very memorable.
  • Middle note: Lily of the Valley, Lotus Flower, Orchid
    • These notes are the heart of the fragrance and make each scent unique.
  • Bottom note: Birch Bark, Driftwood
    • Bottom notes mingle with middle notes to create a long-lasting impression.

About Pre-Fragranced Reed Refills

This new technology allows for instantly diffused, true-to-life fragrance. Skip the oil and add the reeds for a long-lasting fragrance experience. Featuring three vessel designs to complement your home's interior, it's perfect in your living room or bedroom, Enhancing the décor and adding fragrance. Each starter kit includes a decorative vessel and 5 pre-fragranced reeds in a resealable bag, locking in the fragrance until you're ready to refresh your scent. Enjoy up to 6 weeks of fragrance in every reed! Simply remove the contents from the package and place your chosen number of reeds in the decorative vessel. Start with 1-2 reeds, then add or remove depending on room size and desired fragrance strength.

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  • EAN: 5038581093383
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